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January 2022: Winter Tetons

Winter Tetons

I typically go to the Grand Teton National park three times a year and I'm really enjoying the winter as my favorite time. I like it even better than the fall. I guess I like it because it seems to be overrun in the summer with tourists and also now in the fall but the winter runs people away. The first day I got here it was 24° below zero. When I took the shot on the left it warmed up to 9°. That will get rid of all the tourists. This whole area is so beautiful and I am so thrilled that it will never be built on and never change so that my children and my grandchildren and my grandchildren's children can enjoy this unique and stunningly beautiful area.

December 2021: Paris


The Eiffel tower, the Seine river, and the beauty of Paris any time of the year. All of our children had made a decision to go to their spouses homes during Christmas so being left alone we decided to go to Paris. Each day was completely overcast so it was not the best light. Being undaunted I took an Uber to the other side of Notre Dame. Then I walked from Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe along the Siene river seeing what I could capture. All the images in my France gallery are from the trip.

October 2021: Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach Oregon

Whenever I have a chance to go to Cannon Beach Oregon I always try to head toward Ecola State Park first. Then I go over to Indian Beach either early in the morning or late in the evening. I always try to plan a trip where I'm at low tide in the morning or the evening. This trip was great because I had low tide in both morning and evening.

September 2021: Jackson Hole Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park

Jackson Hole Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park

The fall light is so beautiful this time of year. I was here earlier in the summer and there was a lot of smoke in the air. Luckily I got snow on the second half of my trip. Whenever you go to Jackson hole Wyoming be sure and check out the Persephone Bakery. Not only do they have great baked goods but their coq au vin is as good as any you'll find.

November 2021: The Big Sur coast and Carmel by the Sea

The Big Sur coast and Carmel by the Sea

I am excited to launch my new website. I just came back from Carmel by the Sea California with some new images from the Big Sur coast. While I was driving along the Big Sur coast I stopped at the Bixby Bridge. There I met Lizzie and Zach who were actually jumping off the Bixby Bridge. Not with a bungee cord, just jumping off with a parachute on their back. There was lots of fog and I was hoping and to catch an image of one of their jumps. Unfortunately the fog was too thick and I was too slow.

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